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Puppy Socialization & Basic Obedience

At VONFIDEL K9, we are proud to have pioneered Sri Lanka's first Puppy Socialization & Basic Obedience training program, which has been a resounding success. Despite the belief that a dog cannot be trained until it reaches six months of age due to brain development, we have proven this notion to be false through our program's success. Our clients' satisfaction is a testament to the effectiveness of our training methods.

At VONFIDEL K9, we understand the importance of effective puppy training and basic obedience training. Our program is designed to provide correct and relevant socialization that suits the urban dog owner's situation. We believe that socialization is crucial for puppies to develop into well-behaved adult dogs. Our training program focuses on teaching puppies how to interact with people, other dogs, and their environment in a positive and safe manner. We also recognize the importance of imprinting and training puppies during their window of opportunity. This is the period when puppies are most receptive to learning and can be exposed to various situations that they will encounter as adult dogs in their owner's household. Our training methods are designed to take advantage of this period to ensure that puppies are trained to succeed in adult situations. We believe that dogs trained young yield the best results, and their young and curious minds allow us to imprint and train them correctly to deliver lasting results. Our puppy training and basic obedience training program is designed to provide a solid foundation for puppies to become well-behaved adult dogs. We believe that early training is essential for puppies to develop good habits and behaviors that will last a lifetime.


Our experienced trainers use positive reinforcement techniques to teach your furry friend basic obedience commands such as sit, stay, come, and heel, as well as potty training, leash walking, cooperating in veterinary visits and traveling in your vehicle. We also focus on teaching good manners, such as not jumping on people or pulling on the leash. Our holistic approach aims to help your puppy develop into a well-behaved, confident, and happy adult dog that can thrive in any environment.

rottweiler puppy in training at VONFIDEL K9
golder retriever puppy during a VONFIDEL K9 demonstration
A Beagle puppy in training at VONFIDEL K9
A VONFIDEL K9 trained puppy in real life setting.

Holistic Training Program
Supported by 17 years of success and expertise.

Our puppy socialization and basic obedience training program is a comprehensive curriculum that has been carefully crafted based on our extensive experience in the Sri Lankan market. Our program addresses all aspects of puppy development and behavior, including the challenges resulting from backyard breeding, which is unfortunately all too common here. With a proven track record of success and backed by a guarantee, our program has sustained itself on word-of-mouth referrals for over 14 years. Our founder and lead training consultant, Alfie Ameer, spearheads the program, and our team of canine handlers are the most professional and experienced in the country. They are handpicked and trained in human and canine psychology, theories of canine cognition, kennel management and mastery, paravet competency, canine good citizen requirements and testing parameters, and other subjects that are part of their continuous education (CE). We provide personalized attention to each puppy and adult dog during their initial training and board and hold/board and proof engagements. Our satisfied dog owners send their pets to us during their vacations and times of leave of absence of their maids and domestic staff.

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