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Our Process

Since 2009, we have developed our client engagement process by understanding the unique needs of Sri Lankan dog owners. Our introduction of puppy socialization and basic obedience training in 2010 has been highly successful, as reflected in the ongoing demand for these programs.


Our Engagement Process Explained

Upon successful completion of the scope of work during the training engagement at VONFIDEL K9, we will contact you to schedule a handover date that is convenient for you. Your dog will be moved to our transit kennel in Colombo for rest and then brought to you for the demonstration and master training. This process of knowledge transfer will be conducted to suit the owner and her household, in keeping with the scope of the training, as we employ a solutions-based approach. Thank you for choosing VONFIDEL K9 for your dog's training needs.

Handover & Master Training

Post Training Support

Since our establishment in 2009, we have proudly served as your trusted consultants, providing unwavering dedication to your dog's well-being throughout their lifetime. Our clients often transition into valued friendships, relying on our discretion and guidance. The trust and responsibility bestowed upon us are deeply appreciated. If you need further assistance or have any inquiries, we are readily available to assist you. Additionally, we offer proofing services to refine your dog's training after handover, as owners and domestic workers sometimes unintentionally deviate from the established training. This ensures that both the dog and owner stay on track for continued satisfaction. Moreover, we provide an exclusive boarding service for dogs trained by our team. The same skilled crew who trained your dog will take charge and continue the enjoyable sessions until the owner returns, allowing us to perform another handover/master training, just as we did initially. The satisfaction of our clients serves as a testament to the remarkable effectiveness of our approach.

Guarantee-based Training

We prioritize understanding your needs and delivering customized solutions to ensure maximum satisfaction. We remain steadfast in our commitment to precision and reliability in our service delivery!

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