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Why we take your dogs away🤔

Dogs, much like other animals, adapt seamlessly to their environment. When addressing specific issues or providing training, two essential factors for achieving results and positive change are time and effort. To effectively invest in both, we cannot merely be visitors to your household. Consider the reality that an adult dog’s maximum concentration lasts about two minutes, and puppies have even shorter focus spans.

We choose to live with your dogs, fostering mutual respect, a crucial precursor to the delightful progress that awaits them. The environment plays a significant role in shaping their mindset, similar to how affluent individuals leave their comfortable homes for a vacation, not because they lack shelter or comfort, but for the enriching environment of a resort.

This philosophy guides our ranch-based training, where your dog’s handler and assistant live under the same roof, initiating a comprehensive journey that delivers satisfaction with each engagement. It also explains why your dogs eagerly jump into our vehicle when returning for boarding after training—they associate it with the positive and enriched environment they’ve experienced here.

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