Von Fidel Horsemanship

Von Fidel Horsemanship is here today as a result  of a natural progression of passion, mastery and in short progress itself!

Von Fidel horsemanship
Von Fidel horsemanship: Hope for you and a future for the horse: enabling happiness!

Our intense involvement with working dog ethology has been the impetus to take on the reins. Our commitment to equine professional services is focused on schooling horses from the race track that do not succeed there. With the return of racing in Sri Lanka the reality of horses that are “wash outs” is one we need to face. The developed world has taken a keen and positive approach to this and our inspiration remains the same. Some of the horses that have raced in the Bangalore race tracks do not take on well in the turf in Nuwara Eliya, the capital of horse racing in Sri Lanka either due to right to left shift in the track direction or simply do not jump the starting gate!

The term “wash out” is used in working dog terminology and refers to dogs that fail the strict selection process. This does not however render them useless and they are deployed in appropriate situations as in a family looking for a working dog. We follow the same principle and we hope to provide a bright future for the horse and hope for future horse owners; a reality that only remained a dream until recently!

There is a popular belief here in Sri Lanka horses that are expensive to own and this is not necessarily true. We provide professional consultation from intention to reality in your desire to own horses. Our involvement is holistic and end-to-end leaving you but the journey while we take care of everything from sourcing the horse of the right temperament for you to schooling it to suit your needs. We undertake everything from barn and stable design to training of your handling staff. We
will establish what we did in the canine business with your horses: hassle free and reliable solutions that are in instances better late than never!

Philosophy of our Horsemanship

Our philosophy of training is rooted in a respect based relationship with your horse that leads to ultimately winning the respect of the horse. This we do with passion while feeling good about helping others and enjoying our work; from canine to equine – there is nothing better than the life of a trainer!

IMG_6831There is no animal as magnificent and historically crucial as the horse. God combined beauty and grace and gifted it the willingness to be tamed and work with humans.

“The horse in your custody should be treated like a woman, in life and on the dance floor. She would not like being jerked around and so would your horse hate being brought to Sri Lanka tethered to a bit halter! Right from their entry to the country, I see a wrong beginning due to lack of understanding. An educated and common sense approach to the dance of riding or handling a horse is what you will inherit from us.”  – Alfie Ameer, Training Director, Von Fidel Horsemanship.

Alfie has had achieved immense results training dogs, cattle and even camels. As the only Sri Lankan to have owned camels he trained race camels for safari work and as pleasure riding mounts responding to gentle cues by the rider. One of the first areas Alfie targets to convert a race horse is responding to gentle rein cues. The communication between the jockey and race horse in Sri Lanka is generally a mechanical connection and is in no way harmonious. The harmony once achieved allows your horse to be around you without posing danger to you or your guests. Once the horse is trained we turn to you; to help transform you towards becoming an effective horsewoman or horseman.

Equine Tourism

equine tourism
Equine tourism

We are not the pioneers here but are here to take it to the next era contributing towards sustainable tourism itself in this heavenly island. We offer trail riding in areas selected for the season. We can offer you what you wish to indulge in and let you do it with some rules to ensure you return happily.

We also offer visits to the stables and everyone enjoys this. We work with therapists to assist in equine therapy for children with difficulties. This is a proven approach to establishing confidence and teaching focus and discipline. Equine therapy builds self-esteem in people and we extend this further to differently abled people to help them enjoy the gift of life.

We offer riding course vacations where lessons and tourism are offered in a uniquely interwoven experience. This cost-effective tourism option offers immense value to any prospective tourist considering visiting the Sri Lanka, the land of paradise!


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