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Patrol dog in training


“You cannot buy an excellent dog, you have to train it” – Alfie of Von Fidel K9

At Von Fidel, we follow an art and science approach to dog and handler training. In our quest for high performance with sustained results, we have vested ourselves heavily in process assets, R&D and collaborative work. Training is a daily routine at our facilities, and our law-enforcement dogs undergo approximately 15 months of training prior to deployment.

Like humans, dogs require regular training to better retain and react as expected in a given scenario. This is called “proofing”, and is included in all our training engagements.



hands on training

Von Fidel offers two training programs:

  1. The law-enforcement program, in which specially bred working dogs from proven working bloodlines are trained and delivered.
  2. The civilian program, which is dedicated to helping our civilian customers achieve quantifiable results with their dogs. We train both the dog and the handler.

Law-enforcement program

  • Dual purpose: Police Service Dogs (PSD) & Military Working Dogs (MWD)
  • Single purpose: explosives, bomb, narcotics
  • Green dogs

Civilian program

  • Obedience (basic & advanced)
  • Puppy socialization
  • Behaviour therapy
  • Guide dogs
  • Agility
  • Protection (watchdog, estate protection, executive protection, personal/family protection)

*Both programs include master training.

*Individual and group handler courses are offered twice a year.



Exceptional diligence and friendly personality are woven into our approach of training people to handle or train dogs or horses. Viewing training as an art and a science to both handlers and canines/equines, the Von Fidel philosophy includes innovation beyond the old school approach of dog training.



  • The breeding of our working dogs are from the finest bloodlines in the world
  • Our dogs are renowned for their performance with leading military and law-enforcement organizations
  • Von Fidel handlers are hand-picked for their skills, passion and readiness to be continuously updating with new information. Their job security is based on our code of conduct.
  • Our dog training comes with a guarantee.
  • We are the pioneer working dog development organization in Sri Lanka.
  • We started the first puppy socialization program in Sri Lanka, which remains a complete success.


Obedience is the foundation of any working dog. You cannot have a working dog without obedience, nor can you perform advanced work-related training without it. It’s an essential prerequisite for protection and law-enforcement dogs.

Von Fidel employs a systematic approach to behavior modification. This experience positions us to effectively deliver obedience, and we offer it with a guarantee!


Puppy in training
Working line puppy in training.

Puppy socialization is our most popular civilian training offering.

People generally spend more on puppies than adult dogs, including fancy collars and other vanities. Unlike material items, training is an investment that provides measurable returns. Investing early is critical. Studies indicate the experiences of puppies during the first three months largely influences who they will become and how they will react to the world. We understand this importance only too well and continue to successfully train puppies that outperform other dogs. To reap the full benefit, we admit candidates into our puppy socialization program as early as seven weeks of age.

Additional considerations:

  • All medical care, including vaccinations are handled by our paramedics.
  • We provide the ideal nutrition and this is based on our extensive experience raising our working line puppies and hundreds of customer puppies.
  • We generate a healthy temperament, aligning your puppy to your individual personality and lifestyle.
  • The puppy’s desired temperament: we do our best to align puppies towards the desired temperament to fit customer requirements.

Our initial consultation at the customer’s location helps determine the required scope of work for each dog and customer situation. This process enables us to bring out the best in your puppy to live an amicable and conflict-free life, compatible with your lifestyle.

By leveraging our experience from our Military Working Dog training program, puppies are trained to earn your pleasure which is their ultimate reward. Puppies are trained to respond to you, who are positioned as the focus of their world.

Puppies successfully socialized by the Von Fidel program are eligible for advanced training at preferred rates. Advanced obedience with off-lead control, prevision recalls etc., trailing/tracking, protection training are just some of the options you can benefit from.


Complete the Von Fidel dog training application to initiate your dog/handler training.

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