Von Fidel Ranch

Von Fidel Ranch is the pioneer and premier excursion operator in the Passikuda area. Our dude ranch adventures, tourist hostel and ranch house accommodations offer a unique experience at budget economy.

Our adventures and excursions are extended  to guests in all hotels in the Passikuda beach area.


Scouting for interesting trails
Out teams conduct reconnaissance to identify interesting locations to share GPS coordinates with our trek customers.

Von Fidel Adventures offers treks into the scenic backdrop of the Punani jungle. Wide open spaces encompass most of the terrain in our treks. Elephant herds, traditional cattle and goats breeds, deer, the elusive fishing cat, mouse deer and wild boar are some of the animals that roam these jungles. We offer casual treks, where you will experience unexploited nature, to elephant safaris which are more adventurous. We also offer personalized treks to suit your mood and interest to cater to the casual and hardcore trekking enthusiasts.

Birds and other wildlife encountered on the trails
Encounters on the trail



Captured by Dhilip De Alwis of 'Glimpse of Nature'
Captured by Dhilip De Alwis of ‘Glimpse of Nature’

Our elephant safaris is a unique educational and tactical adventure and is conducted by one of our special forces veterans. This is in keeping with our commitment to responsible tourism. We approach the herd responsibly from a tactical distance to provide you a comfortable experience. You will also encounter small herds of elephants in their staging areas prior to the nocturnal escapades. Their habitat is also home to the jungle fowl, jungle cat, fishing cat, rusty-spotted cat, wild boar, deer, mouse deer and toque macaque monkeys.

Communication and respect between you and our guides is vital, as we know what’s best for the animal’s welfare. This experience is bound to be extremely rewarding!


Ranch House

The Ranch House
The Ranch House








As the first ecotourism site with the unique distinction of being an organic dairy ranch at inception, our first accommodation is the ranch house designed by our friend Ib Kidde-Hanson, a Danish engineer. It has a bedroom, bathroom, living room and a patio. As our dear friend and co-host Moiya Hazell desired this ranch house features a Scandinavian color theme!

The Ranch House
The Ranch House


Ranch Hostel

Von Fidel Hostel is a new addition to the world of global hostels. Here you will experience the Passikudah area on an economy budget through a premium hostel experience! Our hostel is a comfortable mixed dormitory based on a ranch theme with all amenities to ensure a comfortable abode. Our hostel is  a milking barn converted to a tasteful living experience designed to explore Sri Lankan hospitality through a Florida ranch theme. You can also book the entire hostel dorm for group vacations!

Outdoor Showers

Outdoor showers are covered for privacy but stop short of blocking the natural breeze. Water used here is routed to a fodder plot or edible garden in keeping with the principles of ecotourism.

Passikudah Beach
Simply one of the best beaches in this paradise island!


  • Trekking
  • Fishing
  • Responsible elephant safaris
  • Excursions down the unbeaten path: discover amazing dams, serene wilderness, remnants of ancient lifestyles
  • Passikuda beach
  • Birdwatching: ornithology at its best!
  • Photography: Nature,
    Canine assisted tactical treks: so far every participant has but loved it!
    Passikudah beach
    Passikudah beach

    birds and local life

  • Badminton
  • Feed ranch animals
  • Nature tours
  • Snorkelling
  • Catamaran sailing
Ancient dams and their promise of tranquility.
A hotspot along our favorite trekking route.
Enthralling view in the most unexpected places!
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