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Top notch working line GSD's

The people behind Von Fidel have one thing in common, a passion for dogs and horses. The need to sustain this passion has resulted in the dedicated team we are today. Von Fidel has focused delighting our customers since our foundation in 2010.


Alfie Ameer leads our working dog program, who also oversees daily operations and agency support.

Aimee Becker oversees our law-enforcement certification program.


Exceptional diligence and friendly personality are woven into our approach of training people to handle or train dogs. Viewing training as an art and a science to both handlers and canines, the Von Fidel philosophy includes innovation beyond the old school approach of dog training.


  • The breeding of our working dogs are from the finest bloodlines in the world
  • Our dogs are renowned for their performance with leading military and law-enforcement organizations
  • Von Fidel handlers are hand-picked for their skills, passion and readiness to be continuously updating with new information. Their job security is based on our code of conduct.
  • Our dog training comes with a guarantee.
  • We are the pioneer working dog development organization in Sri Lanka.
  • We started the first puppy socialization program in Sri Lanka, which remains a complete success.


The Von Fidel training facility is located in Punani outback west of Pasikuda in Sri Lanka and tactically tucked within minutes access to the Pasikuda hotels.

The facility is purpose designed to successfully conduct training of dogs, horses and their handlers in obedience, detection, apprehension, trailing, tracking and protection. Canines in training enjoy a good stretch of the paws here at our facility while our students benefit from Von Fidel Adventures, our group handling eco-tours, equine trail riding and trekking.

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